Name's Arc.
you'll find a lot of Transformers, and Nintendo related stuff, like Pokemon, and Star Fox, and other things like Bionicle, and Yu-Gi-Oh! also using this blog to showcase my art as well. Just living life to the fullest as if the world will end by night of the third day. loves to travel and doesn't mind going out of his way just to chill with friends, or make new ones, so don't be shy! hit me up, i love getting aquatinted. Former member of the USMC, now a veteran.. wow.
living the single life in socal. art blog: archus777

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Faygo you guys.. holy shit Faygo..

Faygo you guys.. holy shit Faygo..

party at knotts berry farms

Fri Nov 4th, 1800-2300.Knott’s Berry Farm Resort Hotel7675 Cresent AveBuena Park Ca 90620
very formal party. be cool to randomly see people there aside from co workers.. just saying ^^

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I’m still a bit buzzed and have yet to go to sleep.. but enjoy raiding the candy on clearance section at all the local stores day!

well tell you what anon ju2t go here and follow me. or iif you are readiing thii2 me22age me back. iid liike two know the2e 2aid giirlfriiend2 of your2.

I’m thinking about making another blog devoted to just me as Sollux. 

..thoughts on this?










get inside of me.

where you at?? ii got2 my a bucket already ready.

you are foolish if you think one could be enough.

.. yeah..

im glad y0u came prepared with an efficient am0unt 0f buckets this time 0_0

hot fuckiin daaaaaaaaaaamn. ye222222222

i am here t0 please y0u s0llux.



stellasepti replied to your video: this video is an accurate description of his and…
funny thing, this. in the english dub of Tokyo Mew Mew, Kisshu’s name is Dren.. my actual name IS Dren.. and we both have an affinity towards cat-girls..and strawberries.. and then in the end left everything behind to go back home. ^^ hmm

you should really stop getting more perfect before i buy a plane ticket, dude.

fuq you’re wonderful.

City of Lost Angels is a wonderful place.. ^^ just sayin.

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stellasepti replied to your post: I am now so horny I am seriously considering casually bringing up having some totally platonic sex with my neighbour.
woop2 my fault.. am ii riight?


you have the ladies swooning. SWOONING.

2wooniing you 2ay? Ye2, my deed i2 done.. but ii wiill not 2top here.

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